Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Greenway interview with Margaret Wong

Margaret Wong describes the proposed an Ann Arbor Greenway to Peggy Rabhi.

The Greenway would be a non-motorized transportation path running along the path of the Allen creek. This is north-south along the western edge of the Ann Arbor central urban district.

The city already owns three of the significant properties along this path: the maintenance yard at 415 Washington, the parking lot at First and William and the maintenance yard at 721 North Main. These could be the beginning of the Greenway with gardens, open spaces for public events and recreational facilities.

The Greenway also provides an opportunity for treatment of storm water in the Allen Creek. By diverting some of the water from entering the creek it could be used for watering plants and gardens reducing the volume in the Allen Creek drain. Settling ponds could remove sediment and clean the water before discharge to the river.

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